PRT Offshore Commissions Inline Compensator as Alternative to Standard Compensating Coiled Tubing Lift Frame

PRT Offshore’s innovative Inline Compensator (ILC) has been successfully deployed and operated from a deepwater drillship in 3,500 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. The ILC provides passive compensation protection during “fixed to bottom” operations. Compared to standard compensating coiled tubing lift frames, the new ILC offers the following advantages:

  • Reduces rig-up time up to 75% for safer, more efficient operations
  • Enables storage on rig due to compact design and lower weight
  • Adapts to standard coil or wireline lift frames for maximum versatility
  • Eliminates capital expenditure by offering a rental option
“We partnered with a major operator to bring this innovative, DNV-certified solution to the deepwater market,” stated Patrick Placer, President and COO, PRT Offshore. “The ILC expands our offshore “Hook to Hanger” rental fleet by adding a passive compensation option for vessels equipped with active heave drawworks.” The ILC features a 750T static capacity with 600T compensating capacity and 15-foot compensating stroke, making it ideal for deepwater completion and well intervention projects.
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